It is no coincidence that Bitcoin is perceived as the first open-source electronic payment system. Despite this, the Bitcoin system has a set of all the necessary functions that provide the ability to make payments on the Internet. Not surprisingly, it was developed by the Japanese.

The main difference between the Bitcoin payment system is that it does not have a specific control center and is absolutely open to users. In fact, there is no control over this system, so all owners of Bitcoin e-wallets can count on a guarantee of complete confidentiality.

There are no banks ready to bankrupt you at every opportunity. There is no control, due to which, at the most inopportune time, access to all accounts can often be blocked, as a result of which you have to prove that a particular wallet belongs to a specific user. There will be no need to pay a commission for making a money transfer.

Every programming expert has the opportunity to study the Bitcoin program code. If the provided program in the standard version does not satisfy the user for any reason, then he can write his own more advanced version of the software to work with the payment system.

The Bitcoin payment system provides an opportunity to exchange internal currency - "bitcoins". In essence, one coin has a specific set of bytes that meet the relevant requirements. When creating coins for this payment system, you can use a regular personal computer.

The only limitation is their number in the system. The more "bitcoins" in the network, the lower the rate at which these coins are ready to exchange. The size of "Inflation" is controlled by limiting the number of coins.

According to many experts, now the Bitcoin payment system combines all the available qualities that make it ideal for the Internet. There is no doubt that over time, all mathematical algorithms will be declassified and become vulnerable. Despite this, now Bitcoin deserves the trust of such systems as, for example, PayPal, which confirms its high reliability.

The main advantages of Bitcoin:

1) The system has no center. Its use excludes all kinds of control and any attempts to use the user's personal data. The peer-to-peer structure present in Bitcoin does not allow for the likelihood of any corruption.

2) The payment system operates on an ongoing basis. There are no vacations, "banking days", evenings and so on. The Bitcoin system is used wherever there is an internet connection.

3) The absolute internationality of the payment system. Bitcoin has no borders, as well as belonging to any state and continent. Regardless of the citizenship of any state, it is possible to create your own wallet and use coins at your discretion.

4) Commissions are almost completely absent. If you have negative memories from the attention of high interest rates when making money transfers, then the Bitcoin payment system will most likely pleasantly surprise you. Even if you send a thousand dollars, it will be done free of charge.

5) The presence of complete confidentiality. Bitcoin is a system of anonymous users. Any information provided by you is voluntarily entered. Your personal information is saved only when you fund your Bitcoin account from another electronic payment system.

6) Bitcoin is completely transparent. Each user has the opportunity to see any transaction made in the system. There is no binding of a specific user to a specific wallet, so the system does not need to restrict access to information.

7) It is possible to crush coins of the payment system. Such a function was foreseen by the Bitcoin developers, in a situation if there is a multiple increase in value.

8) The payment system guarantees absolute security. You can remember the hacker attack on the Sony Playstation, when about 77 million users were compromised and access to credit cards was open to everyone. The loss of a credit card leads to the loss of money. When carrying out financial transactions in Bitcoin, the risk is automatically excluded.

9) The presence of a high speed of operations. Instant implementation of any money transfers to Bitcoin. The transaction period can be delayed by no more than one hour.

10) In Bitcoin, the user cannot be banned. The banning process itself is excluded, because there are no specific registered persons. Users are not forced to give up anonymity, you will not be banned if you forget your password and there is no way to recover it using your phone. There will be no need to wait for three weeks until the account is thawed and you will not have to communicate with technical support to listen to standard answers as when connecting an answering machine.

11) Irreversibility of money transfers to Bitcoin.

12) The ability to transfer BTC to any bank card, or Qiwi, Yandex.Money and other payment systems through exchangers.

If you have a need to transfer or receive funds, then you have such an opportunity. It is the anonymity that is the hallmark of Bitcoin. Anonymity is protected here. There are also opponents of Bitcoin, who argue that due to anonymity, fraudulent activities will become possible. However, it should be borne in mind that any fraudulent manipulation will be disclosed, even if only the fraudster's nickname is known. Thanks to special investigations, it is always possible to find out how and by whom the account was replenished in Bitcoin. In operations of the standard plan, where there is no violation of the law, this is not necessary.

Acquaintance with Bitcoin will be convenient for Russian-speaking users - now the system is becoming more popular and gaining importance for financial circles.


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